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    OVS...How can prices be soo different

    So, its renewal time and i'm out getting prices. I'm at the end of my 3 year agreement so can start a fresh new 3 year with fixed reduced prices. One company says that isn't allowed and quotes Enterprise Desktop at £39.99 per unit. Another company says yes thats fine we can give you it fixed for 3 years at £32.99 per unit.

    How can that be? How do I know who is telling the truth....I only want to be covered.

    Another companies quote came in at over £700 more expensive for the same because they don't "pile it high, sell it cheap" or "don't get into Dutch auctions on price but instead trust that our value add is appreciated by people who want to work with a reseller who understand the sector"... so i'm adding £700 for what exactly? All I want is to be covered, sell it to me anyway you like just cover me!

    Phew....I love licences me!
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