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Licensing Questions Thread, Windows SBS Licensing in Technical; Hi all, I am working with a client that has a Windows SBS 2008 server running on a ESXI 4.0 ...
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    Windows SBS Licensing

    Hi all,

    I am working with a client that has a Windows SBS 2008 server running on a ESXI 4.0 server. The history is a bit fuzzy but from what I can make out the HP server with SBS on gave up the ghost so they bought another HP server, put esxi4 on it and p2v'd the SBS server. The person who did this is long gone so I can't ask them anything. And as you can imagine no one knows anything regarding their Windows licensing hence this post.

    I'm assuming that the SBS server license is no longer valid as it is a vm?

    My resolution is for the client to buy a 2008 R2 standard license plus CALs to assign to the esxi4 host and then build another vm and migrate whatever is on the SBS server to it.

    Am i way off base here? MS licensing is a confusing place.


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    Depends what type of SBS license it was you got retail and OEM and Volume ones of them so which is it would determine that questions answer. If its Volume or Retail then that sounds fine to me assuming its still installed in just one spot your good to go.

    SBS is a complex beast with other Server OS's as its a one box solution so isn't happy in some situations with other servers joined to it and you then have a time frame to remove SBS etc... so well worth reading up on it first.

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