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Licensing Questions Thread, SQL Database question - Who owns the data ? in Technical; Quick question... We are moving MIS to a cloud system. The current MIS data is stored in an SQL database ...
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    SQL Database question - Who owns the data ?

    Quick question...

    We are moving MIS to a cloud system. The current MIS data is stored in an SQL database on site.

    1) The database is Microsoft
    2) We created the database
    3) The data in the database is our student/staff data.
    4) The MIS software populated the data...

    Where do we stand please? Can we at any time view the SQL database to retrieve data?

    Thanks in advance

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    You're right about all the above, however you use the MIS system to access data within the SQL database. That's where the licensing issue may come into question.

    If you were accessing data directly from the database (possible but not very useful), then there wouldn't be an issue.

    All I'd suggest is you make sure all data (current and all previous years) are migrated across, otherwise you may still need to pay a license to access data from previous years to your current provider.

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    If you are just using native SQL tools or your own tools to access the data then you should be fine. If you intend to keep using the client tools supplied with the MIS then you will need to check with the supplier. If you will need access to the data then you should probably try and migrate it into the new system.

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