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Licensing Questions Thread, Windows 7 KMS query in Technical; I would like to activate windows 7 machines via KMS using a server 2012 machine (that was originally activated via ...
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    Windows 7 KMS query

    I would like to activate windows 7 machines via KMS using a server 2012 machine (that was originally activated via a MAK key). I understand that for servers you need to have 5 KMS activations before they will successfully activate, but this is where my problem lies - I don't plan on adding/upgrading any other servers to 2012 yet.

    In the VLSC, I have a windows 7 KMS key. If I input this into the server 2012 machine, will it only activate windows 7 or will it activate the 2012 machine too?

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    As I understand it, You need a Server 2012 KMS key - this will activate all previous versions in addition to 2012/8.

    The KMS activations threshold is different for Servers and Clients. Server KMS will activate when 5 requests have occured. Client KMS will activate when 25 requests have occured.

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    Either use the Server 2012 KMS key or make a virtual PC as your KMS host with the Windows 7 KMS key

    And don't forget to use the KMS client keys on the clients - a mistake I made once was using a HP OEM disc to install the clients and wondering why none of my clients were contacting the KMS host..

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    you can use the vamt tool with kms. use a mak for your servers until you have enough then, using vamt give the servers kms client keys and force activation with kms server.

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