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Licensing Questions Thread, Remote Access & Micro Licencing in Technical; I was wondering if any schools have successfully implemented VDI, including remote access and a full desktop experience for students. ...
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    Post Remote Access & Micro Licencing

    I was wondering if any schools have successfully implemented VDI, including remote access and a full desktop experience for students. We are looking at Citrix and Microsoft options. The internal VDI solution isn’t the problem however, after having a chat with a software vendor, the required Microsoft licencing to provide full virtual desktops remotely to students is a pretty hefty fee.

    We have an OVE-ES agreement based on FTE count. Because our staff are covered under the agreement, they are also licenced for extended roaming rights permitting them to dial in from home. However, you need RDS CALs (not part of the core CAL bundle included in the OVS), a remote connector licence and an RDS server connector licence. BYOD for staff wanting to use their device internally will require a CDL (client device licence), allowing staff on the agreement to use up to four personal devices internally. Unsure how this is actually managed but you can reallocate licences every 90 days.

    Moving from one headache to the next, student access then becomes more difficult. I have been told students will need a VDA licence (per device) if they wish to connect to a windows session remotely or internally.

    Do any of you provide remote desktops to your students or have you been forced to provide individual remote apps instead? Apparently, by providing Application virtualisation you will only require an external connector licence.
    Do any of you have your Microsoft agreements based on Student count? Is it more cost effective?
    Do any of you have VMWare Horizon View, using their PCOIP (PC Over IP Topology)? Avoiding Microsoft’s RDS services also releases you from requiring CALS however, unsure what else.

    Microsoft licencing is a pain in the neck to say the least. If any schools have been down this path before, I would really appreciate if you could send me their experiences in correlation to above!

    Thanks in advance,
    Bobby Moore
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