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    Apps for IPads

    Apps for IPads
    hello just wanted how Apps for Ipads work in the paid apps.
    Would you have to buy an app for each device. If the App cost £1 then you needed 30 would it cost £30?
    how does this work? and if the apps got deleted would you have to pay again to reload the apps onto the devices?
    any one have experience with this?

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    Hi Novastorm,

    You need to use Apple's VPP program ideally to bulk purchase apps. There are ways around it but legally you're supposed to buy one app per iPad.

    There's a load of information here on managing iPads.

    Here's the bit about iPad app purchasing.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes you are supposed to purchase it once for each device.
    Apple have a bulk purchase facility called VolumePurchaseProgramme which allows you to buy licenses for apps, if you buy over 20+ licenses for a certain app there is usually a 50% reduction in price- developer dependent.
    When purchasing there are two different options depending on how you wish to distibute the apps:

    "Redeemable Codes: Download a spreadsheet containing redeemable codes which you can then provide to your users. Ownership of the app or book is given to the Apple ID that redeems the code. Codes will only be redeemable in the UK store.
    Managed Distribution: Assign apps to users on iOS 7 or later or on OS X 10.9 or later using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, such as the latest version of Apple Profile Manager. You retain ownership of apps only, allowing you to revoke and reassign them as needed."

    There are lots of threads on here about iPads. I suggest you look into the various options and see which one suits best. Personally I use Apple Configurator to manage the iPads as supervised devices which also allows you to retain app licenses.

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