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Licensing Questions Thread, OVS and VLSC in Technical; What key did you activate your Windows Server with?...
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    What key did you activate your Windows Server with?

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    What server OS are you running the KMS host on?

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    Need to look at something like this as some form of replacement for when TechNet expires though not got a clue!
    (Needs to be on a par with the old TN and stuff - I know most of my "server" keys will still be valid, so mainly it'll be for the OS itself where there are limited keys for them...)

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    It looks like this won't work as I intended. As I don't have Servers in the OVS I can only activate the Windows 7 KMS on a Windows 7 machine? I do have a KMS key for my 2008R2 Servers under a previous Select agreement which I can use and activate - when I try and activate Windows 7 clients at this point I get the activation error 0xC004F038 but that seems relate to the fact I haven't got 25 activations waiting.

    So the question is (assuming I get 25 clients ready to activate), can I use my Select agreement KMS key to activate a Server 2008 R2 to activate my Windows 7 clients? Or will the fact it was under a Select agreement cause problems with the activation count?

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