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Licensing Questions Thread, Software Licensing and manager in Technical; At my school I create images using WDS and MDT and then transfer them to the PCs. Some of our ...
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    Software Licensing and manager

    At my school I create images using WDS and MDT and then transfer them to the PCs. Some of our software is only for 15/50 etc licenses so this means that I have to create several images because of the licensing, which is a right pain.

    I assume the licensing is for installs rather than users, is this right or does it vary occording to the license. If it is users is there a program, a license manager that can monitor the number of users using a program and when it reaches the license limit stops further users using it?

    Or am I hoping?


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    What we do is: use WDS/MDT to deploy a clean XP environment and use group policy to deploy software to machines. This saves you from creating hundreds of images with different software and enables easier management of licensing.

    It depends on the license, you will just have to read the agreement carefully. Typically it is per machine.

    Impero classroom management software does do license management.

    Hope this helps.

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