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    MS Licensing and Primary Academy - What is the best route?

    Currently we have a mish mash of tech that is ready to fall apart, I need to figure out the best and most financially viable way for a primary school to license all of it's Microsoft Software and update it in the best possible way I can.

    We currently have:
    6 Windows 7 Starter Netbooks
    60 Windows XP Pro Laptops for Children
    32 Windows XP Pro Desktops IT Suite
    5 Windows 7 Pro Admin Machines
    5 Server Windows 2003 machines
    14 Windows 7 pro desktops for classrooms
    20 Windows XP pro laptops for staff

    Currently we have 40 out of 70 staff working over 200hrs per year as per MS's EES agreement

    At present we use:
    MS Windows XP Pro SP3
    MS Windows 7 Starter
    MS Windows 7 Pro
    Server 2003
    Office 2003

    I really don't know where to start with this one as my original plan for a new IT suite and new OS (all windows 7 / 2008rs network) was scrapped due to budget cuts.

    What's the best way to ensure that everything is legally licensed and the school gets value for money? Using MS's quote generator Microsoft License Advisor has scared the pants of me with a School Agreement quote of £14,895 for a year (I'm hoping I did something wrong to get that figure.)

    How can I find out what licenses we currently have in place? the record keeping prior to me starting was a shambles and I have got to sort out this mess for September!


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    14k a year is easily wrong. I'd estimate it shouldn't be any more than 2k PA (and probably a few hundred less) but it's best you check up with someone who actually knows, rather than Microsoft (because they do not!)
    Speak to any of the suppliers here or the likes of Phoenix Software and explain exactly what you have, FTE counts etc.

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    There are a couple of different ways to license Microsoft software. Well, to be more precise, there are loads of ways.

    However, the 2 that schools most use are: EES and School Agreement. EES is per 200 hour fulltime staff, School Agreement is by number of computers.

    Most schools then license the desktop pack - which covers Windows upgrade, Office, and a selection of CALS.

    For 40 FTE staff under that pack, I'd be looking at about £1600 under EES. Under School Agreement I'd be looking at £5500 or so. So EES is the better route to go. Then you add server licenses on, but they're not a lot each.

    The MLA there doesn't include the pack it seems.

    As @synaethesia says, speak to a licensing specialist like Academia, Phoenix, Viglen, or Pugh. They will all give you an accurate idea of what you need.

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    pugh are probably going to give you the best price (at least from my experience).

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    Give Luke @Millgate a shout on the licensing too, he's just getting sorted to do mine and has guarantees on price at mo

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