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Learning Network Manager Thread, Wireless PC not accessing shares in Technical; I'm sure i read something similar elsewhere about that model (something about bridging not working as standard) - try a ...
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    I'm sure i read something similar elsewhere about that model (something about bridging not working as standard) - try a firmware update

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    I reinstalled the firmware as the most up to date version was already on there. still no difference though.....gonna throw the thing out the window soon. ive havent changed one setting on it this time.....still nothing, its annoying because it did work. It's not a new AP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little-Miss View Post
    Opps sorry, im not explaining myself properly..

    I want it to work as a bog standard AP and when i said local ip i dont mean apipa i meant 192.168.*.*.

    I tried it without any sort of security and it still didnt help...hmph...

    I'm probably missing something simple but ive never had such problems before!!!

    If anyone wishes to know its a Buffalo Airstation G54....
    is this a router u have setup as a wifi AP or is it an actual wifi AP?

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    I know this will sound daft but is windows controlling the wifi or is the wifi card manufacturers program doing it. I have had situations where if a person has a profile they can log onto the computer using the profile but does not get mapped drives because the wifi does not start to work till they have logged on. To use the computer as a network computer the wifi has to start before a user logs on early on so that it picks up computer settings and then user settings.

    Just am idea.


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