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Learning Network Manager Thread, Best 10 questions to ask at Network manager interview in Technical; Hi, What would be the Best 10 questions to ask at Network manager interview? We need to make sure that ...
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    Best 10 questions to ask at Network manager interview

    What would be the Best 10 questions to ask at Network manager interview? We need to make sure that they know what they doing when it comes to a school network and not interested in someone who can 'learn' the job as they do it. The school needs someone who can hit the ground running and hlep implement the changes needed and introduce a VLE. So, how can we separate the wheat from the chaff? Any suggestions?

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    It rather depends on what you want from a network manager.

    Have a look at the job specification and see what that says, then work out the questions from there.

    If it is just managing the network, then i suspect CCNA TCP/IP questions would be suitable. Or do you want a server manager, a helpdesk manager, or a vle/web manager.

    it entirely depends on what you want as to what sort of questions you ask, a VLE/web expert isn't necessarily going to know anything about networks.

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    Depends, do you want a strategic manager or a techy manager? These are very different roles and require very different abilities.

    Im guessing a techy so;

    What is a VLE? A. Key word Open University

    How would you go about implimenting one? A. Pay for hosting / set up an internal *nix server...

    OS and application deployment, has he used any? Doesnt really matter which way aslong as he understands how it works. Id say this is a fairly big one as if you dont have a good deployment method in place then he will never have time to impliment things like a VLE.

    Proxy - has he administered one?

    Print management? How could he save you money...


    then onto things like where would he go to find requirements/guidelines on VLEs and other educational things? Becta, FITS etc

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    Well, I would ask have they had any experience with a VLE... if they say no, ask have they had experience with an CMS as they're kind of similar.

    Questions on Prioritising workload as in, what would you do first fix the HMs printer, IWB for a class that's just started or restart the VLE server as it's crashed.

    Questions on strategy, how would you improve the current infrastructure? What will they implement if hired, eg, a helpdesk, CMDB?

    Questions on procedure, for instance, you receive 10 new laptops that are a new model to your others, they are still in boxes, what should you do before allocating to staff?

    Eg, First security mark, second add to CMDB & allocate tag no, put tag no on laptop, create standard build, test standard build, create image of build & SysPrep, add laptop to network with correct name, put in correct OU. Deploy to each machine and add to network.

    Questions on staff management, for instance, your senior technician is unhappy and wants to leave, he says he is fed up with lack of progression and bored of the work he is being given, he wants more responsibility, what do you do?

    Ask LM whether training is a possibility to further his development, allocate tasks that you deal with to vary work given, talk to LM to see whether opportunity for progression exists..., try to vary workload between technicians... things like that, of course, all pointless if somebody has decided they definitely want to leave :P

    Questions on buying equipment, how many quotes would you source? How would you deal with a limited budget? Budgeting, cost cutting and budgeting for the disasters.

    You can ask technical questions, plenty of those i'm sure you can think of yourself.

    Asking about the potential NM... why is he/she leaving current job (if in one or else why hasn't he/she got one...), where do they see themselves in 3 months..., you don't want someone following the £££ and you don't want someone with no drive.

    These are Qs i'd ask, i'd try to have some technical questions / tests, sometimes seeing simple things like how people do things on AD can show you a good indication of ability or putting a switch in to a cabinet... I would limit the 'simple' one answer technical questions, people can tell you what a proxy does but can they administer it, can they tell you what a SOCKS 4 does as opposed to a standard HTTP... people can manage AD but can they complete an example of creating a GPO... deploying software... people can deploy ready made MSI's (i'd hope) but can they make an MSI when given the tools? Can they tell you how to add a Mac to AD?

    Of course, forgot to add disaster management! When 2 servers go to the big scrapheap in the sky and you need to be working ASAP what steps are taken?
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    Aha, google it. Here I found some:

    Network administrator interview questions | TechInterviews
    What is the difference between layer 2 and layer 3 in the OSI model?
    What is the difference between a hub, switch, and router?
    What is a VLAN?
    What is the difference between TCP and UDP?

    How do you distinguish a DNS problem from a network problem?
    What is a runt, Giant, and collision?
    What is a broadcast storm?
    What is the purpose of VRRP?
    What is a VPN?
    What information about a peer would I need to establish a VPN?
    What is a full-class C in CIDR notation?
    What is a default route?
    What is a metric?
    What is a MAC address?
    What is ARP/RARP?
    Describe a TCP connection sequence
    What is MTU?
    What other TCP setting can you modify besides MTU to shorten packets?

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    I'm not so sure that closed questions are the way forward. I think it would be more important to ask open ended questions like:

    >> What would be the first step you would take to improving the schools network, based on your understanding

    The candidates should have had a tour/general information about the network and therefore could answer this suitably. I would be looking for answers such as implementing a help desk (if none exists), documenting the network (if no documentation exists) etc etc. I wouldn't be happy with candidates suggesting changing everything or wanting to spend money.

    For example, my fiancee went for an interview and suggested she'd introduce e-registers in the infant school. It wasn't going to cost the school much at all (tens rather than hundreds and thousands), but would benefit everyone and make a job easier and quicker still.

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    My mate who is big into Management Training reckons that technical ability can usually be measured through CV and written/verbal tests and that the interview should be more about assessing character traits. You should identify the traits that you desire and think will equip the person to do the job successfully (introvert/extrovert, group working, leadership, etc) then ask open ended questions designed to divine whether the candidate has the traits you need.

    Well thats my 2p

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    As others have said, go through the responsibilities and identify the areas which are essential for you to have and probe those areas. I prefer asking for examples rather than a "what is" question as anyone can google questions but not everyone can give examples of where they have gained their skills. For example if you know you want somone with VLE experience then you ask them how & what they have used in the past and how was it taken up by other users.

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