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Learning Network Manager Thread, Netbooks and wireless in Technical; Originally Posted by Little-Miss With regards to Ruckus - im still trying to bed my new network in and dont ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little-Miss View Post
    With regards to Ruckus - im still trying to bed my new network in and dont think i could cope just now with another big installation....but it is definately on my to do list.

    In the meantime i am happy to borrow some AP if peeps are happy to lend them, just to a) test and b)tide me over till i can get something sorted...
    *looks at remaining budget* *GULP*

    "BIG INSTALLATION" Little-Miss from what I can gather you would only need a Zone Director 1006 with around 6 AP's and we would preconfigure so you just plug it in and away you go hun ,

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    Simon stop making it sound complicated! lol, no its really easy, plug the Zone Director in, plug your APs in, set up your network (SSID, wep/WPA key) and away you go!

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