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Learning Network Manager Thread, User has no icons in Technical; Just noticed another thread which pointed to this Hotfix... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958058 our machines are service pack 3 and i made the ...
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    Just noticed another thread which pointed to this Hotfix...http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958058

    our machines are service pack 3 and i made the staff get prompted to change there passwords. Just about to check to see if this fix has been applied.

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    did the school pay for the install? If so it is his problem and he needs to come back and sort it! And the other problems you have been having
    (can you hear the undertones? Just had our new server and it crashed constantly - was told it was MY switches - no it wasnt, it was the NOD trying to scan everyone as they logged on and causing all sorts of issues. They came and fixed it - eventually)

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    I moved jobs yesterday and the university I now work for has a interesting way of dealing with clearing profiles...

    They give you a link to do it... Now I don't think that will work as if your profiles corrupt your not going to see the icon to do it but.....

    if you could write a script that... lets a teach add a username to a text file with a date, shows a message box to make sure the kid is logged off, then clears there profile on the server.

    Then you have a startup script that looks in the textfile for usernames where the appended date is no more than 3 days before, and then only deletes local profiles where the username exists.

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