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Learning Network Manager Thread, Locating Programs at login in Technical; Well something like that... As i've mentioned before the school uses WinEvil, i mean suite.. So, you've got your workstation ...
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    Locating Programs at login

    Well something like that...

    As i've mentioned before the school uses WinEvil, i mean suite..

    So, you've got your workstation image and then you stick winsuite on there and that uses its own desktop management. Now the trouble im having is that there are several images being used in the school and at some point software has been installed in a slightly different location on one machine then it is on another (i dunno how!). So obviously you can only use Winsuites desktop manager to point at one location.

    So for example
    PC A: "C:\program files\blackcat\blackcat super tools\information workshop.exe"
    PC B: "C:\program files\blackcat\information workshop.exe"

    Winsuite points to PC A's location, PC B wont run.

    So my question. Is there a batch or something the machine can run at login or something, that says "ooh, that program isnt there....is it here?".

    I know the simplest is to create one image for the whole school, but is there a workaround for now?

    Or, i could just reinstall the program, which is fine on one or two....but what if like for instance its a whole suite of PC's, is there a quicker way?...

    .....I hate winsuite...

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    I don't know if it'll play nicely with Winsuit, but Digital Architects Software - Orphans Remover might be worth a look. It can be run from a log on script.

    EDIT: You could also do something like this

    if not exist "C:\program files\blackcat\information workshop.exe" del /q %userprofile%\desktop\blackcat.lnk

    You;d need to have two links in place, and then the dead one gets deleted.
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    when it startups am assuming it is using the registry key to launch it - just edit the reg keys to point to the correct location ?


    or as you said just re install it into the correct location ?

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    If the machines all have XP or 2000 with NTFS formatted drives you counld use [ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS_junction_point]NTFS junction point - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]s to set a common path to the troublesom apps which will allow you to have both C:\program files\blackcat\blackcat super tools\ and C:\program files\blackcat\ point to the same place seamlessly. Just pick the directory structure that you like best and then add reparse points on the differing machines to redirect from the preffered one to the actial one.

    It is all done via the command line so if you had a list of the folders in question a batch file could be made that would add the points automaticlly depending on the machine.

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    we have office 03 on some machines and 2000 on others with a fixed start menu for all users. Of course the different versions of office have different file location (office12 office11 etc)The shortcut to word excel etc is actually a autoit file which is a couple of "if then" statements from memory, sort of intelligent shortcuts, in autoit you can modify the icon so we used some microsoft office icons off the net, I can post if its any good to you.
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