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Learning Network Manager Thread, Network Managment of Netbooks in Technical; Asus Eee PCs at Egglescliffe School | Open Source Schools is an interesting read. I thought the bit about not ...
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    Asus Eee PCs at Egglescliffe School | Open Source Schools is an interesting read.
    I thought the bit about not using smb shares due to much greater network traffic was quite interesting and I wonder how true it is.

    And for primary, saving to local machine and then uploading to a VLE would be a lot of effort for teachers/pupils - especially Y2! (unless there's some free VLE thats a lot easier to use than Moodle )



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    What would you do in my situation? They're pretty useless if the kids cant save anything...

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    Iím in a similar situation in that one of my schools is using Winsuite in the ICT room but not in the classrooms and then in the ICT room itís only the students who get the Winsuite restrictions/set desktop.

    Due to me not wanting to install Winsuite on the new replacement server Iím going to remove Winsuite from the ICT room computers so Iím in the process of making a new GP that will redirect the desktop to a shared folder containing the icons/shortcuts and only apply this GP to students that logon to the ICT room computers using a WMI filter on the computer name. This GP will only need the desktop redirection as the other students restrictions will come from the existing default student GP that applies to students whether in the ICT room or the classrooms.

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    We had to come up with a solution that would work in the school library.

    We decided to use a wireless laptop locked down with microsoft steady state.

    Stripped it bare, auto login with generic accounts.

    The kids get the bare minimum of Apps but can save to USB and can reach their home areas through the web portal/VLE.

    We found that this method removed all of the overheads associated with Domain Group Polices, Management Software and Folder redirection.

    The log on times are absolutely minimum meaning that anyone can pick up a laptop turn it on and be on the web in less than a minute.
    The users are happy and the vandalism has been reduced to near zero.

    If the kids have to wait 5 mins before the machines are ready there would be no keytops left and who knows what else they will do to them to kill the time!

    Now we are going to do the same with some netbooks and Windows 7 the 5Hr battery life of the 6 cell devices together with the automatic reset of the OS by Steady State make management a thing of the past.

    Download details: SteadyState

    Works for us, not everybodies cup of tea but certainly in the Library but it solved our challenges.

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