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Learning Network Manager Thread, AB Tutor Control Version 5 in Technical; We have AB Tutor Control 5 and whenever we use the block internet policy it dosent work, but also it ...
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    AB Tutor Control Version 5

    We have AB Tutor Control 5 and whenever we use the block internet policy it dosent work, but also it stops everything else from working like
    lock, unlock, logon, logoff, watch the only way round is to disconnect the session and connect back to it.

    But as soon as you run the block internet policy the same thing happens again.

    Also does anyone have any tricks or tips in using this software and what kind of things do you use it for.

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    The internet block by default doesn't work for us either. This is because it blocks traffic on port 80. However wer use a proxy server running on port 8080. Therefore we have to alter the default internet block policy to also block this port.

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    We just block IE or Firefox instead

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    Ye we had the same problem that for the internet block to work you have to manually put in the 8080 port as we use an isa proxy.

    Although just a few suggestions make sure your control and the clients are all up to date, its not in front of me but its something like tools --> check for updates, (you need to update the controller first) then once thats updates, you can select all the clients and click tools --> client maintenance --> update clients.

    And well we mainly use Abtutor for remote support to machines, and also to keep an eye on what the students are doing, although we also use the logging as its just faster if you just want to see the last persons on there history although we also use the ISA for history checking. But also the policies are very useful for when you have kids trying to play flash games off there documents, or excel golf games, things like that.

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    Yep iv created a block internet policy, blocking, 80,443,8080. Even though we are using a transparent proxy. Im thinking of changing that and only allowing access to our intranet and moodle services.

    Merry Xmas Everyone..

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