Hopefully this is a good place to put this. I hope that it'll help not just me but any others that have thought the same things.

The short version of a reasonably long story is that I have worked for what is now a trust of Academies for almost 8 years, going in as entry level and am now deputy to the network manager.
We are planning on build inane opening a new school in the next few years and more than one person has suggested that I will be a shoe-in to take on NM responsibility at this new school.

My question is this, what would make me e best person to come to the table when the job is eventually advertised?
If you were hiring a NM, what bits of paper are you looking for to get through the paper sift and what experience are you looking for once the interviews start?
I have a WXP and a W7 MCP, and an MCITP Admin.

What more would you want? Some kind of Project Management qual? More MS stuff? Something else?
All help is appreciated, I reckon I've got two years to bone up on anything I need to.