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Learning Network Manager Thread, Noah's Ark DR Plan in Technical; With the horrid leaking due to roof works, have been frantically trying to protect the stuff we built less than ...
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    Noah's Ark DR Plan

    With the horrid leaking due to roof works, have been frantically trying to protect the stuff we built less than 2 years ago

    Bar moving what we can out of the server room(Domain Controllers, DPM) and installing a UPS in the staffroom it got me thinking of other things

    We have a hyper V 2008r2 cluster that would be very tricky to move out of the server room
    You can export VMs out but that means shutting down the machines
    DPM can do this but takes up massive disk space (it is backing everything up from the staffroom, and another DM server protecting that in another building

    I have done a bare metal backup under Windows server for everything, so in theory I could rebuild the whole network elsewhere presuming I have the hardware, I have also done bare metal backup through Windows server backup on all VMs and plan to schedule this to run daily.

    I have built a standalone Windows 2012r2 Hyper-V that I plan to build blank VMs with same disk sizes of the important machines like Exchange and SIMS, in hope that if anything gets taken out in the flood I could rebuild the VMs through bare metal backup and restore the latest Data from DPM. SMT is understanding and knows if disaster happens they can wait a few days.

    Happy to hear discussions and feedback, we will be getting a brand new server room but not until next year..and we hope to look at 2012 Hyper-V with replication VM to another building, but as a temporary measure, would this be a good way?

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    Get a container in the car park, fit air con and power get a fibre run to it and move everything there.


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