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Learning Network Manager Thread, Moodle Admin Job Description in Technical; Hi There, I'm struggling to find a full list of what needs to be done in a Moodle Admin job. ...
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    Moodle Admin Job Description

    Hi There,

    I'm struggling to find a full list of what needs to be done in a Moodle Admin job. So far I have the following list, can anyone add to it?

    Thanks in advance

    Daily -
    Check on activity reports for anomalies - report in needed
    Select a course backup at random and restore it to a backup server to test integrity of the backup.
    Ensure cron has run
    Create requested courses - liaise with "course requester" to ascertain necessary support.
    Support course developers as necessary
    Check forums, userpix, profiles and blogs for material contravening policies, remove and report.

    Weekly -
    Check on self-enrolled users and delete any "iffy" ones, never log ins etc
    Search Moodle download section for additional blocks that may be of interest. Report if necessary

    Monthly -
    Backup entire site, copy to a backup server and reinstate to test integrity of backups

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    Monthly - Check for updates for Moodle. Test and apply them.

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    - monitor and patch the server as needed
    - support and train users

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    Id look at spending a little time each week to create simple sql reports via adminer - eg pull a list of self enrolled students or which resources have been duplicated onto multiple courses etc

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