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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Robbers discover that store clerk and wife are not the docile type. in Fun Stuff; ...
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    Robbers discover that store clerk and wife are not the docile type.

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    Love it!

    I gave a scumbag a good a good hiding in Chester years ago. I turned away from a cashpoint in the city center at around 8pm on a summers evening and he tried to swipe the cash/wallet from my hand as he raced past on his bike. Luckily I was aware of his presence just as he was approaching so as his hand was about to get hold of the wallet etc, I managed to grab his hand instead and pull him off his bike. After a bit of a hiding the police arrived and put him in a van to sound of clapping from the tourist etc who witnessed it all.

    I don't condone violence but I took a lot of pleasure from this!!!!

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    Before the army I used to work as a security guard and store detective. All the local guards and store detectives worked closely together, and in conjunction with the local CCTV team ... and most of my arrests where when the other stores would call for help and a few of us would be stood outside the doors waiting for the shoplifter / pick pocket / robber to come out of the store. Not too many would get violent but there was always the odd one who took offence at being caught. You would, at times see a security guard walk out of a store and be followed by a gathering of the local older / retired generation who were in town shopping ... they knew what would be coming and would cheer to see the apprehension of a tea leaf ... and they were always happy to give plenty of vocal encouragement about where you should place a knee or foot.

    To be honest ... I think that if we had just pointed a finger at someone walking out of the door of a store that group would have lynched them!

    We knew that one crew knew how we worked and they started trying to do some distractions (ie selection and hiding of goods, but not actually walking out and failing to pay) in an attempt to get security guards out of stores ... and so a few of the plain clothes store detectives would cover our stores for us ... which also worked out quite well for catching a few people too.

    The strangest one was probably a guy who grabbed a book from a display at the front of the store whilst I was on a break. I come out to see what was going on and he is being chased round town by a few other guards ... almost playing tag as they pass him around for nearly 10 minutes ... all watched and guided by the CCTV team ... and eventually herding him back to my store ... where I am waiting outside. The disappointment on his face was a picture.

    There were a few scary moments too ... and I am not fond of knife work either as a result, having seen friends stabbed by people trying to get away.

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    If that is in this country, I will be surprised if the 'robber' doesn't press charges against the shop owner.

    Stupid country we live in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sippo View Post
    If that is in this country, I will be surprised if the 'robber' doesn't press charges against the shop owner.

    Stupid country we live in.
    It didn't look like it was in the UK but if was the robber wouldn't need to press charges, the police would probably arrest them on the video evidence. Like you said, we live in a stupid country.

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