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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, M1 Selfishness Risks Lives... in Fun Stuff; How bloody selfish is this!?...
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    M1 Selfishness Risks Lives...

    How bloody selfish is this!?

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    i just love (in the sarcastic sense) the attitude of "well everyone else was, i need to get there".

    i saw an ambulance going down the opposite side of the road yesterday that i was driving on. all cars moving in to let it pass except one who must have thought divine intervention had kicked in and they were moving for him, so he raced on at about 40mph, going past all the cars that had shifted over.

    i've had a similar incident of selfishness too. on the a52 going to work one morning. in the outside lane, indicated to move back in to inside lane just as an accident must have happened a few hundred yards up ahead. traffic slowed so i was caught between lanes as cars stopped. 5 mins later some cars were taking an exit off to go another route so traffic in the inside lane cleared, and the car directly in front of me just sat there, with a 30/40yd gap in front, just sat on the phone chatting. i could see in the distance an ambulance coming too, and usually they would go down the middle so i'd be smack bang in the way. so despite being able to see my predicament, they'd rather sit and chat on the phone than move forward just a few feet so i can pull in to their lane. just because 40yrds up the traffic wasn't moving, they saw no need to move forward

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    That guy should get an award - and I hope the Police followup on those drivers who were in the hard shoulder!

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    All credit to him! Although if you were a pedant you'd point out that it is an offence to get out on the carriageway as well

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