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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, New System Administration Tools in Fun Stuff; The following is a special collection of freeware tools for system administration written in Perl. They cover advanced topics for ...
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    New System Administration Tools

    The following is a special collection of freeware tools for system administration written in Perl. They cover advanced topics for the experienced admin, and are a valuable addition to a senior admin's collection or those wishing to be a senior admin. Most are related to performance or fault prevention.

    Note: These are freeware programs and have nothing at all to do with the respective Operating System vendors.

    Special collection of freeware tools for system administration

    CDREWIND Rewind CDROMs before ejection. This should be performed before every ejection, otherwise discs can remain positioned incorrectly or can leave tracks behind in the drives. Full example here.

    $ cdrewind -v /vol/dev/aliases/cdrom0   
    CDROM rewound successfully.
    $ eject cdrom
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    Love this one:

    l33t converts formal and confusing text into easily understandable l33t-speak. In the example below we show an original file, a l33t output, and a l33t output with all (-a) options. Full example.

    $ cat /etc/release
                               Solaris 9 s9_58shwpl3 SPARC
               Copyright 2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
                            Use is subject to license terms.
                                 Assembled 15 April 2002
    $ l33t /etc/release
                               S0lari5 9 s9_58ZhWpL3 zpaRc!!!1
               copyrIghT 2002 sun miCr0$y5T3mZ, inc.  a1l riGH75 r3SERV3D.!!!!1
                            use Is 5uBj3c7 To lIC3ns3 7eRms.!!!11!!1ONE!
                                 a$$emb1ed 15 APri1 2002!!!!
    $ l33t -a /etc/release
                               S()lAR1s 9 $9_58ShwPL3 Sp@rC!!!!!! d00d
               cOPyRIgh+ 2002 SuN micROsYsT3mz, 1NC.  aLL R1gHTz Re53|2V3d.!!!!   
                            use I5 $Ubj3C+ TO 1ic3NSE T3rM5.!!!
                                 aS5eMB1ed 15 ApRIl 2002!!!!!! w00t!

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