A farmer goes down to a farmers market and buys himself a new cockerel. He brings the new bird home and puts it in with his chickens. As soon as he lets it go, it runs around all 150 of his chickens and has its wicked way with them. The farmer is shocked at this so decides that he can't leave the cockerel in with his chickens.

He recaptures the bird and moves it in with his ducks and geese. However, once again, as soon as he lets it go, it runs around all the ducks and geese and has its wicked way again.

Not knowing what to do with this randy animal, he moves it into its own pen, so as to protect the rest of his birds, and goes to bed.

The next day, he goes out to check on his animals, and when he gets to the cockerel he finds it lying half dead in its pen with vultures circling overhead.

"Serves you right! Randly little sod" the farmer says to the cockerel.

"Shh!!! They're about to land!!" replies the cockerel, lifting his head to look at the vultures.