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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Chinese hotel built and finished in 6 DAYS in Fun Stuff; Originally Posted by Dos_Box If it was safe to build that fast, we in the west would have been doing ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dos_Box View Post
    If it was safe to build that fast, we in the west would have been doing it long ago. A major problem they've had in China with teh high deathtoll in earthquakes in recent years has been down to construction methods being employed out there. From shanty like properties to new office buildings the level of planning and care taken is not even half that that we in the west use. India too suffers from a similar problem with project management and elf'n'saftey being non-existant on many construction (The commonwealth games anyone?) projects. They are doing the modern day equivilent of what Victorian house builders did 150 years ago when creating many workers homes. Get it up quick and hope it lasts.
    Sorry are you describing Eastern buildings or BSF?

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    I hate to be pedantic (well, I don't really!) but it may have been assembled in six days but that's only the very last stage of construction. The build may have started months before where each panel and frame was welded etc...

    On site time is low but total time prob = normal.

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    And it still takes a British builder a month to build a small extension to a house ffs!

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