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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, BBC reporter Nick Robinson having a little argument with an anti-war protester! in Fun Stuff; ...
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    BBC reporter Nick Robinson having a little argument with an anti-war protester!

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    And that is why he is a moron. The right to protest in this country is now difficult enough - and even if you don't agree with the protest his actions are of a selfish idiot. All he had to do is ask for the sign to be removed, or film the link from elsewhere. If I was holding that sign and he did it to me, the remains of the sign would be shoved up where the sun don't shine. Still Nick gets owned as another sign is stuck up as soon has he removes the one he does not agree with.
    The sooner the BBC do away with his over inflated ego the better.

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    Video evidence of criminal damage there... I'd go visit the police station myself. Sure, they won't prosecute, but they will at least annoy him by questioning him over it.

    I've seen people arrested for less than that.

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    Seen that on the other day, was wondering if he done anything after his report and now I know! Nob

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