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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Speed Camera Revenge in Fun Stuff; I'm going to heretical here in most people's eyes ... I support speed cameras. I hate speeding drivers. I detest ...
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    Re: Speed Camera Revenge

    I'm going to heretical here in most people's eyes ...

    I support speed cameras.

    I hate speeding drivers.

    I detest those who think that the speed limits are not important and that they are better drivers than everyone else, so they can handle it.

    Then again, I was hit by a car when 10 years old ... it was going just over 50 in a 30 area and I am considered the freak victim as I survived. I have been knocked of my bike more times than I care to think about ... but most of all I have assisted at some major RTCs whilst I was in the army ... and every single one was linked to speed ... and it is no fun walking up and down the M3 looking for body parts.

    Then again ... I have been pulled over twice for speeding. Once on my bike (35 in a 30 area ... and I was overtaking a car going around 20) and the other time I was doing 38 in a 40 area ... and had to argue with the copper who claimed it was a 30 zone.

    The other thing that annoys me other than people who speed is cops who speed and break the rules of the road (mobiles whilst driving, not indicating, speeding to get back to the office to get their donuts ... you get the idea!)


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    Re: Speed Camera Revenge

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisH
    Yeah bloody average speed cameras you see them alot on roadworks these days.
    I have to say that in roadworks, I'm all in favour of speed control. Can you imagine how 'king scary it would be working in a hole in the carriagway with nutters flying past at 60, 70, 80+ mph?

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    Re: Speed Camera Revenge

    I agree with the roadworks ones for the safety of the workers etc, but what I hate is the fact that on some works they reduce the limit from 70 to 30 or 40 up to 2 or 3 miles ahead of the works! Yes not everyone is down to 30 within yards of the 30 starting, but it really really annoys me that we need such a great distance before the actual works start, and then they often seem to do the same at the end of the works! Very Annoying!

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