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    Longest pinhole exposures, stunning.

    I love pinhole photography. The fact that people will take a gamble on a piece of film for months—or even years—strikes me as almost romantic, like a time capsule. This longest-ever exposure shows 34months of New York life.

    It was captured by the German artist Michael Wesely, who worked with New York's Museum of Modern Art to photograph the destruction (and subsequent construction) of their building. The shots are ever so ghostly, and are such a terrific souvenir of the MoMA's heritage.

    Pinhole Gallery

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    OK not pinhole photography but showing a similar commitment:

    Ants In My Scanner: A Five Year Time-Lapse

    I installed an ant colony inside my scanner five years ago.

    I scanned the nest each week.

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    Anst was interesting, but I liked


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