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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Providing Step by Step instructions to novice users.. in Fun Stuff; This was the mail convo I had today. I have removed obv data stuff. Found it quite funny, but please ...
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    Providing Step by Step instructions to novice users..

    This was the mail convo I had today. I have removed obv data stuff. Found it quite funny, but please inform me if it wasn't lol.


    Hi Mrs C,

    Please see below for step by step instructions to connecting to a network printer from your laptop:

    Connecting to a network printer.

    OK, hopefully this should be relatively painless:

    * From the Start Menu or from the Control Panel, click on Printers and Faxes.

    Now click on Add Printer in the left hand menu under Printer Tasks.
    Choose A network printer, or printer attached to another computer and click Next..
    You want to choose the second option Connect to this Printer and copy this address as it is here including the 2 backslash at the start and enter it into the input box:

    \\Curricsrv\ict suite black & white

    It may require you to log in to the network to prove your allowed to use this printer. You can try your own network log in details and it could work,
    if not, I have created a temporary admin password to do this:

    Username: ******
    Password: ******

    When you have pressed ok, this should have looked for the printer and added it to your list.
    Make sure you select the right printer when printing or when finished adding the printer, right click the printer and click "Set as Default".

    Hope this helps!


    Hi Chris

    Thanks for your very speedy reply, i will print your e-mail off when i get to school monday and follow the instructions step by step. I should hopefully be alright. If i want to add the colour printer in ict suite, will it be the same code as the one you have given me, but with the word colour on the end? instead of black and white? Like this:

    \\Curricsrv\ict suite colour

    Thanks again - your a star!



    Yes thats the exact path to copy and paste in. Hopefully it will work.

    But you have said you will print off the step by step instructions to connecting to a printer, when you get to work.

    I would suggest not bothering printing the step by step instructions to connecting to a printer,

    because when you set up your laptop to connect to the printer to print the step by step instructions,

    there is no need to print the instructions to connect to a printer, as it will already be connected, and done :P

    Have a nice day

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    It's just one of those things that many people in IT don't appreciate. Lots of users can't follow instructions on screen (even what you or I would think of as really straight forward) and like the "comfort blanket" of having a piece of paper to follow.

    I'm guessing she has access to a printer somewhere else in order to print ...

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