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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, BNP Candidate Has A Scrap in Fun Stuff; Having re-read the story on another site, it seems that no one has been arrested or charged, but an eighteen ...
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    Having re-read the story on another site, it seems that no one has been arrested or charged, but an eighteen year old did go into a police station in order to allege common assault against Bobby.

    And he's not an MP yet, hopefully won't ever be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    "Diplomatic immunity" I swear to god thats one of the most annoying things going! MPs have fiddled the system so that it can apply to them as well as foreign dignitaries!
    I can't hear that term without picturing Joss Ackland getting a bullet in his head.

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    His words were "how many of youz are robbers"

    Clearly incitement ... I hope there's justice

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesb View Post
    It sounded the same to me, I've watched it several times since getting home.

    This quote from Nick made me feel ill - "campaign of hatred and dehumanisation against any group of people, in this case us"

    The campaign of hatred has certainly not been on the part of the boys there. It looked to me as though Bob Bailey called out to them, began the swearing, and threw the first punch. True he was spat at, but equally he is a politician who evidently felt quite comfortable making the situation worse, and more importantly to me kicking a teenager repeatedly while he was on the ground after throwing the first punch at him.

    The only bit I really can't understand is why he is still walking around freely while apparently one of the boys has been taken in.
    Nick Griffin is an almost sub-human idiot, I'd expect nothing more from him.

    Nobody was arrested, the 18 year old turned himself in.

    I in no way support the BNP/Neo-Nazis, but if somebody spat in my face, regardless of the colour of their skin, I think I'd punch them too. Granted, continuing to kick him while he was on the ground was taking it way too far.

    I'd like to see the run up to this, as the video seems to start almost at the peak of the confrontation, I'd like to see how it escalated to that point in the first place.

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    I think the fact that the BNP did not get a sinlge seat shows how the majority of people see these idiots, the but what worries me is the, so far, 562,977 votes for them! I do hope that these were pure protest votes and not a statement that half a million people in this country are racist bigots!

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