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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Spider! in Fun Stuff; Your mouse cursor is a spider which is visited after a while on screen by a six legged creature [somewhat ...
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    Your mouse cursor is a spider which is visited after a while on screen by a six legged creature [somewhat akin to an inquisitive dog]

    The six legged "dog" will follow your "spider" around the screen lifting its legs out of the way when you get too close. A left click will make the spider jump [also the dog if he is standing quite close]

    Nice if you like that sort of thing. Appears to do little else other that waste your time.

    Link: Spider

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    It amused me whilst waiting for a teachers laptop to startup... oh and it took a while! I appear to have stunned the '6 legged' dog thing though.. as its frozen in the middle of the screen and won't follow me anymore.. I think I made it jump to much..

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