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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Scariest Path In The World? in Fun Stuff; El Camino del Rey: My wife and I watched the whole video. I must admit that in places it made ...
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    Scariest Path In The World?

    El Camino del Rey: My wife and I watched the whole video. I must admit that in places it made my toes curl a little. See what you think [Note: Video contains scenes showing great heights and paths which are narrow and fragile in places. Do not watch if you think you might find this scenario disturbing/upsetting]

    Video: Link

    Select 'Play' on second video on the page.

    Source: YouClimb.De

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    There's also a rather stunning set of pictures from this place here;

    Report - El Caminito del Rey (The Kings Walkway), Spain - Feb 09' - UK Urban Exploration Forums


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