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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Windows 7 Editions Ad in Fun Stuff; Windows 7 Editions Ad Lots in the ad about what Windows 7 Will do for you but also included at ...
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    Windows 7 Editions Ad

    Windows 7 Editions Ad

    Lots in the ad about what Windows 7 Will do for you but also included at the bottom is what Windows 7 will not do for you [spot the missing tick(s)]

    [If you can spot something that is NOT there...]
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    working in the language you use - so who knows might startup in russian or chinese and you will have to learn some of the language to establish how to change it to english
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    I'll tell you what it won't do...

    It won't install on my MSI £140 motherboard!
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    harsh, although I found that the way around that is install it on a board it can read then put the HDD back on your board, it will work fine as it will pick up the drivers automatically then.

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