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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Fish Time is Success Time in Fun Stuff; Yu Wan Mei :: home Company History As impossible as it may be to believe, Yu Wan Mei has not ...
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    Fish Time is Success Time

    Yu Wan Mei :: home

    Company History

    As impossible as it may be to believe, Yu Wan Mei has not existed since time immemorial. Founded in 1998 without incident or legal complication, what is now a glorious 300,000-square-foot processing center began as a humble 230,000-square-foot warehouse. Built on a tireless spirit of community, honor, and willingness to continue working despite the loss of prized appendages, Yu Wan Mei continues to enjoy the meteoric growth that has propelled it to become the No. 5 amalgamated salvage fishery and polymer injection service in the magnificent province of Sichuan.
    Either a truly glorious parody or the most evil company on the planet!

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    I quite like that, can't work out if it's a parody or a genuine but misplaced English translation. My favourite over happy/exaggerated message has always been CDBabys old shipping email -

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    @OutToLunch; Thanks for the lunchtime laughs!

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