The object is to sweep as many exploding iPods under the Apple store carpet before the store opens.
  • 1) Hold down mouse button to pull Jobs' broom.
  • 2) Release mouse button to fling exploding iPods.
  • 3) Sweep as many iPods as possible under the carpet.
  • 4) Finish sweeping before the store opens.
iPop - Make iPod Safe

A nice easy game at first but gets more difficult the higher up you get. For those ready to jump on me for picking on poor apple the ap also doubles as a Mac store locater to buy as they put it "non-exploding stuff".

On the same topic the EU and France are now investigating their prepencity to try and off their owners.
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For those who own iPods there is also this page about knowing when your iPod/phone is about to explode.
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