Wow, found this on a local news site and was rather discusted. It really shows how difficult it is to fire a teacher or group of teachers even when they are activly sabotaging the school:

Teachers accused of sabotage - New Zealand news on

Fairfield College teachers have been accused of sabotaging classes, leading to a drop in academic results.

Only 29 per cent of NCEA Level 1 students passed last year.

In a parting shot, two board members who resigned last week, Michael Crawford and Winston Pinkerton, said an "unfortunate drop" in NCEA Level 1 pass rates in 2008 was the result of "a campaign by some teachers resistant to change, to undermine the authority and leadership of the principal and the board".

They said this included refusal to carry out basic aspects of their jobs, such as participating in consultation processes, filing reports and information, carrying out agreed actions and meeting deadlines.

"Regrettably this impacted on teaching and learning in 2008," they said.