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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Schools are closed as teachers cannot afford to live close to schools in Fun Stuff; Originally Posted by tmcd35 Erm, is there a 'right side' of Birmingham? If so I've never found it (sorry to ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmcd35 View Post
    Erm, is there a 'right side' of Birmingham? If so I've never found it (sorry to anyone living in Birmingham).
    More like right areas lol and yes there are a few if you look hard enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHR1S View Post
    More like right areas lol and yes there are a few if you look hard enough
    Oh now come on, you got to give me more than that! How about an example or two? You're just teasing me are you not?

    I studied for three years at the UEA (university in Norwich), which is a grey boring, depressing concrete mess. Every time I've been to Birmingham it's immediately reminded me of my university days. Grey, cold and boring! That and it always bloody rains! Why is it every time I go anywhere near that part of the M6 the heavens open?

    Still sooner visit Birmingham again than Stoke-on-Trent

    (again sorry to anyone unfortunate enough to live in these places and actually like them).

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    I was lucky enough to get a job within a mile or so of where I live, and TBH it'd take a LOT for me to move to another job further away.

    When I look at a job offer, I consider "How much time do I put into the work", "How much travel time is involved ON TOP OF the work", and "How much more money would I get by working that far away."

    Now my original job was 6-8 miles away, and about 30-35 minutes drive. I now work about 1 mile from where I live, and less than 10 minutes drive (cannot wait for weather to sort itself out, so I can finish building my shed, and cycle to work!)

    I was offered a job recently working 30-40 miles from where I live/work now, the salary was £3,000 more, involved longer days, and more of them (I currently work Term Time+a bit extra). I may have got some expenses towards travel costs, which would have boosted the salary a bit, but I considered adding another 3 hours of driving to my day each day, and the added wear/tear on my car not to be worth it, let alone working another 15-20% of the time.

    Education, like pretty much every government based work, hasn't moved with the trends in the private sector; once being a teacher, or a doctor etc meant you were the top of your game, and paid better than some, often better than most others in a similar field.
    But that pay hasn't really moved much in 30 years, whereas every other profession, and even private equivalents to the same professions has gone up and up, and often those in education or government are seen as "Substandard" to others.

    If you pay peanuts, expect to employ monkeys?

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