A man walks into a silicon valley pet shop with the intention of buying a monkey. 'What's the price of the one in the windows ?' he asks.

'That's $1000 sir' replies the shopkeeper.

'Jeepers!! Why so much ?'

'It's an expert in Visual Basic'

Impressed, but looking for something cheaper, the customer wanders over to a monkey by the shops counter: 'What about him ?'

'That one's $3000, sir', answers the shopkeeper.

'What on earth can it do for that sort of money ?'

'It's an expert in Visual C++'

Still hoping for something a bit lighter on the pocket, the customer spies a monkey tucked away in the stores. 'How much ?' he asks.

'That's $5000 sir', replies the shopkeeper.

'Great scott!! What the devil can it do - program in assembly language ?'

'No, sir. To be honest, i've never seen him doing anything. He just calls himself a project manager.'