I want names please to each of these who turn up to the edugeek convention.....

11. The "Inappropriately Ogling the Lone Woman" guy
10. The "Satire Web Site Guy Who Walks Around Looking Confused, Hoping Someone Will Stop To Help Him Then Recognize Him and Say 'I Love Your Site,' But It Never Happens" guy
9. The "Hoping that His Costume Will Make Him an Internet Meme" guy
8. The "Blogging this to a Blog that Nobody Reads" guy
7. The "Overestimated How Many Red Bulls He Could Drink" guy
6. The "Thinks He Knows More than the Expert Panelists, but Makes the Audience Groan with His Inane Questions" guy
5. Wil Wheaton
4. The "I'm Never Doing This Again for Him" girl
3. Disappointed hookers
2. The "Smuggling a Bat'leth in His Pants" guy (a least I hope that's a bat'leth)
1. The "Instructed Under Penalty of Dismissal to Greet Everyone at the ConSuite Door with the Phrase 'None shall pass!'" guy