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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Geek Therapy.... in Fun Stuff; Few people know about it, but there is a kind of rehab centre for nerds in northern Califiornia. Desperate dweebs ...
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    Geek Therapy....

    Few people know about it, but there is a kind of rehab centre for nerds in northern Califiornia. Desperate dweebs are referred there and undergo a strict regime of resocialisation. There are no computers, no access to role-playing, and patients are stripped of all figurines at reception. The group therapy sessions are infamous for their brutal truth-telling.

    Therapist: So - Kevin, Marcus and Reginald - how are you feeling?
    Kevin: Can I be called Dreamlord Agthanax?
    Therapist: No. We've talked about that. You are Kevin.
    Reg: Who am I?
    Therapist: This is not a role play, Reg. You are yourself.
    Reg: What are my powers?
    Therapist: You have no powers. You are simply yourself.
    Reg: Garthrex.
    Therapist: [sighs] No. Reginald. Garthrex does not exist. NOW - the subject of today's session is girls.
    Marcus: Can I go to the toilet?
    Therapist: No. Nurse says if you masturbate anymore your anaemia will kill you. You have to get used to the idea of girls.
    Reg: Like Princess Arimea. I've had her.
    Therapist: Real girls, Reg. Not virtual ones. I have arranged for some real girls to visit us today so that you can interact.
    Kevin: 'Ooh, Nursey - I like it firm and fruity!'
    Therapist: Ah, Blackadder again. Try to avoid saying things like that when the girls arrive, Kevin, or they'll think you're a total knob.
    Marcus: I need to go to the toilet!
    Therapist: Take your hand out of your pockets and the feeling will go away. Ah - here are the girls now...
    [Enter three hot girls wearing tight tops and mini-skirts]
    Therapist: Now, boys. Just chat to the girls in a normal way.
    Marcus: [to girl 1] Do you prefer Episode 4 or the Phantom Menace?
    Girl 1: Sorry - do you speak English?
    Marcus: Star Wars! Which is your favourite?
    Girl 1: I like William Shatner. He was hot in it.
    [Marcus keels over with an aneurism and dies]
    Kevin: [to girl 2] I made an animated homepage for my Warhammer site with Java Script!
    Girl 2: Is that a computer thing?
    Kevin: Yes! I've got an Apple Airbook with 15,000 tetrabytes of RAM.
    Girl 2: How about your cock? Is it girthy?
    [Kevin's eyes pop out of his head and he's he's rushed to the infirmary]
    Reg: [to girl 3] Can I touch your boobs?
    Girl 3: If you buy me a WKD.
    Therapist: Finally! A breakthrough.
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    Where can I meet this Girl #3 then?

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    lol @ webman

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    lol, i would have said Dundee

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