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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Apple shareholders sue Apple! in Fun Stuff; Hmmmm seems Steve was a naughty boy. Apple shareholders sue Steve Job's estate after alleged Californian employment law breach Apple ...
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    Apple shareholders sue Apple!

    Hmmmm seems Steve was a naughty boy.
    Apple shareholders sue Steve Job's estate after alleged Californian employment law breach

    Apple shareholders sue Steve Job's estate after alleged Californian employment law breach | The Drum

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    Quote Originally Posted by abillybob View Post
    Hmmmm seems Steve was a naughty boy.
    Nothing new.

    • Apple, Google, others agree to settle lawsuit over anti-competitive no-hire policies « The Verge

      Apple, Google, Adobe, and Intel have all agreed to settle a upcoming antitrust lawsuit based around a no-hire agreement between the companies, reports Reuters. The case, which gained class-action status last October, claimed that the four companies all had no-hire agreements which helped keep employee wages artificially low.

      The case was based on no-hire policies that were in place from 2005 to 2009; back in October, California district court judge Lucy Koh ruled that the antitrust concerns of the "overarching conspiracy" made it reasonable to try the case as a class-action lawsuit. Rather than go to trial at the end of May as originally planned, the four companies have agreed to settle with the class, which included some 64,000 employees, though terms of the settlement have yet to be revealed.
    • Steve Jobs personally asked Eric Schmidt to stop poaching employees, and other unredacted statements in a Silicon Valley scandal « The Verge

      Steve Jobs personally emailed Eric Schmidt to ask Google to stop poaching an Apple engineer, and Google responded by arranging to immediately and publicly fire the employee who initiated the call.

      "Mr. Jobs wrote: "I would be very pleased if your recruiting department would stop doing this." Mr. Schmidt forwarded Mr. Jobs's email to undisclosed recipients, writing: "I believe we have a policy of no recruiting from Apple and this is a direct inbound request. Can you get this stopped and let me know why this is happening? I will need to send a response back to Apple quickly so please let me know as soon as you can."

      Mr. Geshuri told Mr. Schmidt that the employee "who contacted this Apple employee should not have and will be terminated within the hour." Mr. Geshuri further wrote: "Please extend my apologies as appropriate to Steve Jobs. This was an isolated incident and we will be very careful to make sure this does not happen again."

      Three days later, Shona Brown, Google's Senior Vice President for Business Operations, replied to Mr. Geshuri, writing: "Appropriate response, thank you. Please make a public example of this termination with the group."
    • The no-hire paper trail Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt didn't want you to see « The Verge

    • Apple and Google agreed not to poach workers « TechCrunch

      While Google CEO Eric Schmidt was on Apple’s board of directors, the two companies had an agreement not to hire away each other’s workers, a former Google employee with knowledge of such matters has told us. We have since confirmed this with other ex-Googlers. This was not a written agreement, and was considered non-official, but it was well-known and followed within the recruitment division of Google, we’re told.

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