David Blaine and Dynamo walk into a bakery.

Blaine palms 3 doughnuts with one hand and puts them in his pocket without anyone noticing. He says, "Do you see how masterful I am Dynamo, I make doughnuts disappear at will!"

Dynamo responds, "Not bad, not bad at all."

Dynamo then goes to the Bakery owner and asks him if he wants to see a magic trick.

The curious owner answers, "Of course!"

Dynamo asks him for a doughnut, and then eats it. He asks him for another one, and eats that as well. He then asks him for a third one, which the owner reluctantly gives up.

"So where is the magic trick?" says the puzzled baker. I gave you 3 doughnuts already!"

Dynamo responds, "Go check David Blaine's pocket."