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It's the Queens armed services and they are in no doubt about that. Yes she can dissolve Government if it really came to it. The Americans do it another way. They call it the right to bear arms. It is actually in their constitution so they can raise a milita and protect themselves from THE GOVERNMENT. We don't need that because the forces are the Queens, not the governements, they just borrow them.

So another question

Queenie and her corgies or American Guns laws (or lack of). Think it through, Think of the kids in your schools. Would you want them to be able to buy guns and ammo in supermarkets at 16 or 18 yrs old?
Actually, it's not strictly the Queens army. Whilst members of the forces swear allegiance to the monarch and the govt, the Army is one of the strange anomalies as regards it's history.
For instance, we have the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, but the army is known as the British Army. It's all down to the fact that the civil war was won by the parliamentarians and not the royalists and most regiments are descended from these.
It is also because of the outcome of the civil war and what Oliver Cromwell did next that we have a monarchy again*#
Primarily the head of state (be it a king or queen) has the ability to veto parliament. Not that this has ever been used afaik, but it does prevent the Prime Minister from declaring all out war on Tongo and Tobago without permission as they would have to go to the head of state to ask for it first.
The Queen doesn't wield ultimate power, she is there to prevent others from doing so (and vice-versa). And it's a good system that has worked well over the years.

*If you are a 'Geeker and not from the UK it is well worth reading up what Oliver Cromwell got up to after the civil war and what we did to him after he died.