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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Stopped for not speeding in Fun Stuff; I got fined for not wearing a seatbelt - £30. I'd just finished reversing. Doesn't the highway code say you ...
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    Re: Stopped for not speeding

    I got fined for not wearing a seatbelt - £30. I'd just finished reversing. Doesn't the highway code say you can take your seatbelt off to aid reversing? PC Plod didn't think so. Appealed and won.


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    Re: Stopped for not speeding

    I've been pulled over for speeding on a pushbike (37 in a 30, but the signpost to say it was a 30 not national was obscured so they let me off on that rather than me contesting that my failure to have accurate equipment to measure my speed makes it difficult to ensure I am below the speed limit ... and since there had been an organised road race on that road the day before you can be sure we were doing more than 30 then too.)

    I have been stopped during a driving lesson for doing 48 and accelerating in a 40, but that was down to my instructor telling me it was a 60. I had refused to speed up but was told that I would be reported if I didn't (civilian instructor brought in by the army as part of a crash course) and thrown off the course ... when I explained why I was speeding (when I could get a word in edgeways due to the panic stricken instructor) the copper wrote a ticket for the instructor instead and told me that next time I shuld refuse to continue the lesson. A letter went to the OC too insisting that I was not reprimanded.

    I have been pulled over for going too slow. Doing just under 70 on a motorway in the middle lane and not moving to the slow lane as I was overtaking a number of lorries ... but there were lots of cars behind me. I contested that I was not driving without reasonable consideration (driving without due care and attention would not apply as I was fully aware that various white van drivers were driving too close to me and trying to force me to go faster) but I was driving within my right to overtake slower moving vehicles and to do it at a speed that was safe for me and the vehicle I was overtaking. We discussed the merits of the Road Traffic Act 1988 over 1984 and I was told to go on my way.

    I did get pulled over whilst on escort and transport duty as I was driving slightly recklessly for a number of reasons. A wave of some paperwork and a quick phone call turned it into a police escort with me having to flash the Officer leading the escort to get him to slow down as I was not comfortable driving at 120mph, even it if was on a pretty empty M5 at 3 in the morning.

    Traffic law is a nightmare ... police break the rules so regularily themselves that it frustrates me when others get pulled up.

    However, I have no sympathy for those that moan about getting caught speeding. If you speed then expect to get a fine and points ... it is the risk you take along with the risk of greater injury to those involved in crashes. If you can live with that then I am not going to preach ...

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    Re: Stopped for not speeding

    I wish i could drive...something that needs to be addressed when i've got some more money through...until then it's the bike for me

    I was considering getting a road bike but there's not really much sense in it for just going up and down the road to uni and the occassional bit of exercise.

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    Re: Stopped for not speeding

    Quote Originally Posted by GrumbleDook
    I have been stopped during a driving lesson for doing 48 and accelerating in a 40, but that was down to my instructor telling me it was a 60.
    Slightly related; I got a "minor" on my test for speeding in a 40, when i reality i was doing 35. Since when is speeding not a major? Just shows he wasnt sure in his decision. I went back and checked and i was right, it was a 40 so at £50odd a test i was livid to say the least.

    When i was 8 or 9yr old i used to play on a little grassed roundabout at the bottom of my road. Really quiet street with no need for a roundabout, more for show than anything. Causing no danger or damage to myself or other, damn i was only a little kid.
    Anyway my mum pulled the copper up who kept on moving me, and he actually said to her "ill make up charges againt him"

    It really is no wonder no-one has any respect for cops. Personally i wouldnt pish on one if he was on fire.

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    Re: Stopped for not speeding

    Personally i wouldnt pish on one if he was on fire.
    Thats a nice attitude based on little experience.
    There are good police and there are bad police - I've lost count how many times I have been stopped on my Mbike, never been fined though - just a telling off.
    There again I thank the police for making sure I was ok and getting details of the hit and run driver who ploughed into my bike about 10 years ago and I thank the police who took statements and offered me support when a mini cab driver took me out last year at a junction.

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