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    Printer Costs

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    The student should consider that his whole years fee only pays for 10 months printing from that printer.

    I'd guess it is an "ology" student that can't do simple sums.

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    ok, now consider this, they are in America. Average "college" year is from end of September to the Beginning of May...this is 8 months at college, factor in 1 month off for Christmas, 1 month off for Easter, 2 weeks off for thanks giving, they are at college for 5.5 months of the year...that students tuition would therefore pay for that printer 1.8 times over.

    The cost of their tuition is essentially $7272.73 per month. Factor this in over 5200 students, this is $37,818,181.82 per month for the college. Given that it is averaged of 1 member of staff per 30 students in an average college, this works in at 174 members of staff, plus say an additional 50 for maintenance, 50 for infrastructure, 20 for sports. Averaging their wages across all personnel, this comes in at around $52000 per staff member. This works out with Salaries at $15,288,000 per month.

    Take this away from $22.5m PER MONTH. Running costs are probably another $10m per month, and an additional $4m for functions etc. This means, the college is in profit by around $7.5m per month...yeah, they should be able to print...


    This is rough maths, based on the picture above and costs of tacos etc, along with figures taken from wikipedia.

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