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    Cr*pping Paper: Wrapping Paper That Ruins The Surpise

    Link: Crapping Paper™

    Don't you hate giving people gifts? First, there's that apprehension as they fondle the paper. Then the forced grin as they give it a "comedy" shake (not too hard, in case it's a diamond-encrusted tiara). And before long, the wrapping paper lies shredded on the carpet. Alongside their diamond-encrusted hopes and dreams.

    Introducing Crapping Paper™ - the wrapping paper that ruins the surprise! Download and print one of our Classic Crapping Papers™ or create your own using our handy Crapping Paper™ Generator. And say goodbye to awkward smiles and thankless platitudes forever
    Example design:

    Download format: PDF

    Gone and found something different? Not to worry! The patent-pending Crapping Paper™ Generator is here to save the day...

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    Anyone else expected a toilet roll thread?

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