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Jokes/Interweb Things Thread, Hooray for the little victories :) in Fun Stuff; BBC News - The cold call victim who fought back...
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    Hooray for the little victories :)

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    LOL I'm sure I've said something about invoicing these companies for my time in a previous Red Door thread about sales calls and cold callers. Kudos to this man for having the patience to follow the robot until they speak to a real person, although in my experience, when you ask them what company they work for they either hang up or tell you they aren't authorised to release that information.

    I have recently signed up (at a cost) for a service which blocks hidden numbers in the hopes of weeding out the ones that deliberately hide their caller ID. Virgin were doing a 'buy one service get the cheapest free' deal so I have caller ID and Anonymous caller reject.

    Although as they settled out of court, we'll never know what the outcome might have been if it has gone to court. I assume he would have won, which is why they settled out of court...

    Quote Originally Posted by BBC
    The case was settled before it went to court.

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    This is glorious! Unfortunately, I only ever get the texts. Two days ago it wasn't even PPI or accidents, it was free money to gamble with on some websiteorother. Argh. Close to changing my number, to be honest, but they don't really bother me so much.

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