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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Problems with Chrome in Technical; We have been successfully using chrome for about 6 months, but all of a sudden it is not working, as ...
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    Problems with Chrome

    We have been successfully using chrome for about 6 months, but all of a sudden it is not working, as a student or teacher, it fails to run, just doesn't load at all, there is no visible attempt even. I have the ADM configured. It seems to work fine for admins, which leads me to think it might be some kind of software restriction, does anyone know if the latest version of chrome has changed to need some kind of priveliges?

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    Chrome is starting to annoy me, my shockwave player plug in crashes constantly.

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    Morning People. I am currently experiementing with Google Chrome and I have hit a snag with shockwave flash. I have done a bit of research and found out that google chrome uses pepperflash which seems to be conflicting with the version of flash installed on the machine. For some reason if I delete the pepper flash .dll in the user area shockwave flash functions however if the .dll is present it does not work. Very fustrating, however it works on our administrator account. I have tried adding in a software restriction override policy which points to both .DLLS that peper flash uses for example the one in the users area is N:\My Settings\Application Data\Chrome\PepperFlash\11.7.700.225\pepflashplaye r.dll. Having a further read I tried these steps: Disable PepperFlash in Chrome - Enounce. Very fustrating, any ideas?

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