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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Two URLs on two net connections, one server ? in Technical; We're in the process of migrating between internet connections, this will also involve changing our URLs for external facing services. ...
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    Two URLs on two net connections, one server ?

    We're in the process of migrating between internet connections, this will also involve changing our URLs for external facing services.

    Does anyone know if I can run a service simultaneously over two links to two URLs from one server? For instance we have a Facilty ePortal server with a external facing URL. I'd like to be able to set up another URL over the other link and have it respond to that too. The stumbling block seems to be that the server will only use one default gateway.

    We've got a Smoothwall operating on our new link, but the old one is at the mercy of our LEA.

    Does anyone have any ideas ? I'm suspecting this isn't easily done if at all.

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    I would suggest you move the web services over to the new connection, and just have a 301 redirect at the old url. The gateway stuff doesn't matter if you do a redirect.

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    Interesting question, in order to deal with the routing hassels you would need to run reverse NAT so that external requests appeared to come from internal addresses from at least one of the links. If your router has decent software ie. Cisco iOS this can be done for just web traffic meaning that you won't end up with IP traffic leaking out different connections and cacking the whole thing.

    The biggest issue is probably your LA as I don't think that they will be to happy if you are peered to another internet feed which could act as a leak into their system if not carefuly configured. They would probably object even if it is well configured.

    Edit: as above a redirect is probably easier or just point all the domains at your new IP when you switch it over.
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