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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Furtue of web filtering in schools in Technical; I would just like peoples opinions really on where they think the future of web filtering in schools will go ...
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    Furtue of web filtering in schools

    I would just like peoples opinions really on where they think the future of web filtering in schools will go if the ISPs start offering this services by default as the government wants then to on domestic broadband.

    Talk Talk are starting the push

    I know they are talking about domestic connections but if they can do it for them they can do it for education connections especially as this is to "protect the children".

    If they do provide this service what will it mean for the likes of Smoothwall and Cyber patrol and so on in which i am sure a few schools spend a few pounds om each year.

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    Yes, there will still be a need for tailored filtering within schools. The government's generic block is OK, but school will need to tailor it for various reasons. Some of the ones I've thought of:

    - Blocking social networking in lesson time (Social networking not covered by new policy)
    - Enabling access to certain sites for specific lessons (PSHE on Drugs...or whatever)

    Basically anything that requires finer tuning than the generic high level "don't let the kids into anything with sex/porn/drug/illegal connotations"

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    Having worked with a county provided filter in the past, I would no way, not ever, never give up control of my web filter again. It is entirely worth the money spent on getting your own system that you can administer yourself, both for the sake of your sanity and the speed with which you can meet people's requests - particularly as the "can you unblock $this" requests are usually while the teacher is in the lesson with a class of 30 Year 9s.

    TL;DR: Smoothwall till I die.

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