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Internet Related/Filtering/Firewall Thread, Google Apps and Google Drive in Technical; We are looking at Google Apps for education. Particularly docs. We currently waiting for our domain to be upgraded to ...
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    Google Apps and Google Drive

    We are looking at Google Apps for education. Particularly docs. We currently waiting for our domain to be upgraded to the full education version. Can you disable Google Drive and/or prevent files such as exe/vbs/bat from being uploaded?

    Also is their a way of changing the email address for users so its not the Google apps domain but rather our exchange server.

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    There is a setting in the Google Apps control panel to prevent the use of the Google Drive client (see below screenshot). They will still be able to use the web client unless you disable Google Docs completely, but this is no different from the old Google Docs (which could also store arbitrary file types)

    There does not appear to be any way to restrict file types (I just tested and was able to upload .vbs, .cmd, and .exe).

    docs settings.png
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    Could you not restrict the file types on your content filter from being upload or downloaded?

    You say you are looking at Docs in particular but you want to disable Drive, Drive is the new name for Google Docs.

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